Marty Klein M.D. Health Program


Losing weight is easier when you take medically supervised programsto put you in the quickest path to optimal health & wellness.

Marty Kleins’s medically supervised health program specializes in helping you achieve your fitness goals, whether it’s losing weight, improving your athletic performance, tackling obesity, or developing a healthy diet plan. The program is designed to provide you with personalized support, expert guidance, and the tools you need to reach your wellness goals.

Meet your Medical Supervisor, Martin E. Klein, MD, MS-HQSM, CPE, FAAFP

Physician Executive|Senior Medical Advisor|Healthcare Executive Officer

I am a highly motivated, people-focused medical professional with extensive experience providing exceptional assistance and counseling in all realms of the healthcare delivery paradigm, with a particular interest in health and wellness. In fact, that distinction is the reason that I just left my role as Chief Medical Officer of a Hospital System. Hospitals and acute care facilities are a crucial part of our Healthcare system, but that is not where my passions lie. I have always lived a life devoted to Health and Wellness, with a dedication to fitness and nutrition. Prior to working as a CMO, I practiced for over 20 years as a busy Family Physician and my favorite thing to do was to counsel my patients on weight loss, clean eating, exercise, supplements, and fitness. The whole idea is to get people to optimize their health so that they aren’t overweight and obese, then succumbing to all of the downstream chronic conditions that result in a lifetime of medications, procedures, and visits to a hospital.

Bigger picture, I am a versatile, authentic leader who inspires colleagues to achieve impressive results through team-building and focusing on satisfying patient (customer), staff, and workplace needs. I am passionate about population health and work to advance positive patient outcomes on the individual and system level. In addition, I have a proven record of managing operations, finance, and marketing teams to develop strategic plans and execution tactics for multiple healthcare facilities and practices.

With that being said, I am open to other industries that desire or are looking for a self motivated and dynamic leader that embraces challenges and has a lifelong passion for learning. I have engaged with stakeholders from the Board of Trustee level all the way down to the entry level employees who keep the workplace running on a minute-by-minute basis. In addition, I have vast experience in conflict resolution at all levels of the workplace as well.

What you will get in this program

1-on-1 Video Coaching Sessions

Trevon Gross will speak with you on video call sessions to determine your pain points and strategize your weight loss program .

Personalized Programs

Trevon Gross will formulate and structure your weight loss program which includes workout routines, meal plans, mind and motivation mapping, etc.

Exclusive Facebook Community

Having an exclusive Facebook Community empowers our coachees

This 12 month journey is divided into2 video sessions per month with Trevon Gross.By following the weight loss program. You’ll go through:

Getting to know you and your body

On the 1st call, we kick off by introducing ourselves to each other. We will speak about the struggle and the pain points in your current health situation. This will help me determine and understand where you are at in your fitness journey. I will then lay out the roadmap including all the requirements I will be listing for you to be equipped with the best technology within the program.

Measuring your body fat index, muscle mass and calorie consumption

We then go through all the data gathering using the latest technology to get all the information we need to be able to create an in-depth step-by-step health scheme that has the highest success rate, fits your needs and can accomplish your goals.

Going through your personalize health, fitness, meal and nutrition plan

I will structure and lay out a personalized program based on the data we have gathered from our past sessions, consultations, measurements and calculations.

Implementing your personalized action plan

We will make sure that you follow the series of measures we have designed for you and your health goals. By syncing our apps I will monitor your progress as you do your day-to-day activities, meal plans and program modules that I have formulated for you.

Joining an accountability team in our exclusive FB group

Having an accountability team inside our exclusive FB group helps you keep motivated and updated on the progress of your fellow mentees. You can share new ideas and struggles from different perspectives. 

Progress reports

Once we get to a certain point in the program I will look at your progress using proven technology and process backed by data analysis of all your health statistics. We will then assess our next step and if we need to modify your personalized program based on safety measures and efficacy.

Keeping the momentum

After we achieve our optimal results I will train you on how to maintain your healthy lifestyle and keep yourself in tune with the best version of yourself and the journey you took to get there.

Your path to a successful medically supervisedoptimal health and nutrition is here.

A healthy body is key to enjoying a fulfilled and comfortable life. When you are physically fit, your body can perform at its best, allowing you to engage in a wide range of activities without feeling tired or experiencing pain.

Mentally, a healthy body can help you stay focused, alert, and productive. It can also boost your self-confidence and self-esteem, which can lead to a more positive outlook on life.

Emotionally, a healthy body can help you manage stress, anxiety, and depression more effectively. Exercise has been shown to release endorphins, which are natural mood-boosters that can help you feel happier and more relaxed.

Marty Klein M.D. Medical Coaching

$249.00 / month

This coaching program was created for people who need to improve their health and wellness but do not have time to hire a personal fitness coach. The program includes the following:


2 1-on-1 video coaching sessions per month


1 group video coaching sessions per month


Mind-set and mental health support


Exclusive Facebook group


Personalized program


Meal planning


The Ultimate Optimal Wellness Guide


Chat support with our health guides

$249.00 / month